Thursday, August 2, 2007

the connections that bind the units of time together...

what is it that is more then a theory of time and still is able to link things that occur with one another?

Are these threads just a list posting times that more likely then not, occur for the benefit of everyone to think about?

I heard it said that the more we forget what we know that we have learned the less we know of what was learned because as age takes our minds and lives into new realities there is an increase in forgetting what was typed moment by moment... day to day... life to life.

When one tries to bind units of time or occurrences of events together to create newness in a life of being free where time means nothing to others, or even inside the effects of shattering membranes inside membranes of theoretical knowledge where there never is separated the essence of mans mind or present being in and of life we will find the experience of pure source resources.

Within the time machines we make to sequentialize collective thought processes and processing the few things that can become almost real yet still making nothing real worth the effect of ready made states of occurrences that repeat into the eddies of spinning blisses that float down the river of peace to the sea of effected patterns where every pattern influences the change of specific realisms of meta-surreal energies ...

As in the thought of forever there is what is know as transcendence of realities and emergence of energies where phollowing the normal enigma makes as much sense as an argument of about what to argue over. But the actual reason is indeterminate and babbled by beings so boring that even there creation was joked about as the effect that nothing has on fools who review the thoughts of others as less then real where ever there is a real thought it is considered an argumentation's point of preference.

--- rant rant rant ---

If that babbling of mine is as boring as theirs at the math forums of illogical and argumentative idiots then there is a problem with thinking like I do.

--- rant rant rant ---